Welcome to my virtual home!

My name is Claus Gaisser and I'm living in germany. The reason why I'm writing here in english I will explain below...

About 10 years ago I left Windows for the less restricted Linux platform. Since that time I'm fascinated by all the stuff building together an OS.
Furthermore I came in touch with one of that great principles in the open source community: Get and give back.

Because calendar programs intrigue me at most I decided to wrote my own awesome calendar program... Indeed, I had no idea which programming language I should use! So I searched, asked and started with Python...

This is the very short summary of my previous hobby programmer way ;-)

So, I owe you an answer:
One thing I noticed soon is the fact that learning a programming language like Python or getting information around the Linux planet without basical knowledge of english is not really possible.
German sites like Das deutsche Python-Forum or ubuntuusers.de and the people behind them doing a great job - thank you all!! But there is no getting around reading documentations which are written in english.
That's the reason I try to write here in english to get more and more familiar with this language.
That's really hard for me and the result might be hard for you too... ;-)

My calendar project

denkdran & snippets

All the things I will keep
in mind... including my
`pflege` experience...