About using tags


Terms becomes an own tag and the tag of a potential synonym. Example:

Algos is tagged with a), algos, dolor, fachbegriffe, pathologie
ListedTag((algos or dolor))

If a term consists of one or more elements the stems (if present) of these tags must be included. Example

Analgesie is tagged with a), algos, an-, fachbegriffe, pathologie
ListedTag((algos or an-))

Arteria temporalis superficialis is tagged with a), arteria, tempora, superficies, fachbegriffe, anatomie
ListedTag((arteria or tempora or superficies))

Präfixes and/or suffixes

They become the stem's tag. Example:

-algesie is tagged with a), algos, fachbegriffe, pathologie, suffix no creation of an own tag -algesie

Präfixes and/or suffixes without a meaningful stem becomes an own tag. Example:

an- is tagged with a), an-, fachbegriffe, präfix
ListedTag((an- or a-))

a- is tagged with a), a-, fachbegriffe, präfix
ListedTag((a- or an-))

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The complete with all its parts which are currently mutetella, denkdran and pflege is hosted on uberspace. Not the fastest but fucking awesome ;))

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