Run several Iceweasel/Firefox instances independently

Create new profile

To separate two or more Iceweasel/Firefox instances which its sets of properties, cache, cookies and so on you can create a new profile by starting Iceweasel/Firefox from commandline:

$ iceweasel -p -no-remote

Run Iceweasel/Firefox in its own scope

To start Iceweasel/Firefox not with the default profile but with your created profile instead:

$ iceweasel -p [profile name] -no-remote

The -no-remote option is needed so that the new started Iceweasel/Firefox won't be connected to a running Iceweasel/Firefox instance.

Note: Don't run the same Iceweasel/Firefox profile with the -no-remote option twice cause this may result in profile data inconsistence. To be sure that several instances of the same profile sync their data properly they must run without -no-remote but via the New Window option within the Iceweasel/Firefox menu instead.

Take screenshot from page

Take a full page screenshot with Firefox

  • Press Shift-F2 and type
    for the visible part of the site or
    screenshot --fullpage
    for the complete site. If you want to give a filename use
    screenshot --fullpage any_site.png
  • As of Firefox/Iceweasel 32 you can take a screenshot via the developer tools (F12). Therefor you must enable 'Take a fullpage screenshot' within Settings -> 'Available Toolbox Buttons'.
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