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Display messages in thread form


# show thread view, newest first
set sort = threads
# sort threads itself oldest to newest
set sort_aux = reverse-last-date-received

Use aliases to save mail addresses


# alias file (default: `~/.muttrc`)
set alias_file = ~/.mutt/aliases
# `address`  : by email address
# `alias`    : by alias name (default)
# `unsorted` : in order specified in alias_file
set sort_alias = alias
# display the personal name instead of mail-address
# in the alias list. (default: no)
set reverse_alias = yes
# read alias_file
source $alias_file

Common handling


/ Search a regular expression within listing or mail
Esc/ Search backward
Q Extern search e. g. addresses within abook
/~ Search within specific fields, see Mutt Doc -> Patterns

~A all messages
~b EXPR messages which contain EXPR in the message body
~B EXPR messages which contain EXPR in the whole message
~c USER messages carbon-copied to USER
~C EXPR message is either to: or cc: EXPR
~D deleted messages
~d [MIN]-[MAX] messages with date-sent in a Date range
~E expired messages
~e EXPR message which contains EXPR in the Sender field
~F flagged messages
~f USER messages originating from USER
~g PGP signed messages
~G PGP encrypted messages
~h EXPR messages which contain EXPR in the message header
~k message contains PGP key material
~i ID message which match ID in the Message-ID field
~L EXPR message is either originated or received by EXPR
~l message is addressed to a known mailing list
~m [MIN]-[MAX] message in the range MIN to MAX *)
~n [MIN]-[MAX] messages with a score in the range MIN to MAX *)
~N new messages
~O old messages
~p message is addressed to you (consults $alternates)
~P message is from you (consults $alternates)
~Q messages which have been replied to
~R read messages
~r [MIN]-[MAX] messages with date-received in a Date range
~S superseded messages
~s SUBJECT messages having SUBJECT in the Subject field.
~T tagged messages
~t USER messages addressed to USER
~U unread messages
~v message is part of a collapsed thread.
~x EXPR messages which contain EXPR in the References field
~y EXPR messages which contain EXPR in the X-Label field
~z [MIN]-[MAX] messages with a size in the range MIN to MAX *)
~= duplicated messages (see $duplicate_threads)


  • Mails which subject field includes the phrase 'job'
  • Mails to: and/or cc: starts with 'karl'
    Note that 'karl' refers to the mail address not to the shown name. 'Lagerfeld, Karl <>' will match, 'karl lagerfeld <>' won't!
  • Mails to: and/or cc: starts with 'sabine' or 'Sabine'. Start searching at the beginning of the listing
  • Mails which body (content) field includes the phrase 'the green tree'
    /~b"the green tree"

Get mail address from alias list

Within the To: line press Tab key to see the complete alias list or type the known alias name instead of the mail address.

Forwarding a mail

With the f key the selected mail will be forwarded to a new receiver.

Forwarding with attachement

mutt: mails mit Anhang weiterleiten

Go to the attachement list (v key) of the mail which should be forwarded and tag (t key) the wished attachement(s). With ;f a new mail with the tagged attachement(s) will be created.

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