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suspend/hibernate with systemd

$ systemctl [suspend|hibernate|hybrid-sleep]

Unload modules before suspend/hibernate

see Module vor Ruhezustand entladen

Show log entries

# journalctl

Hibernate/Suspend don't work as user

X Session problem

see ArchWiki Session permissions

This problem occurs if the X Session don't run within the same tty as the login respectively the X tty is not active. Check if the X tty is active and is no remote tty within the output of

$ loginctl show-session $XDG_SESSION_ID

Within the output look for the lines Remote=on and Active=yes. The following steps can be the cause of Active=no:

  • You switch from the tty where X is running to another tty via Strg-Alt + tty number.
  • After logout within the other tty you jump back automatically into the X tty.

To make sure the X tty becomes active press Strg-Alt + X tty number though you're already there. This is needed to make the X tty active. Is it a bug??

D-Bus problem

Another solution could be a restart of the dbus-system:

# systemctl restart dbus.service

I don't understand the background of why a restart solved this problem. I've noticed that after a restart some i3 workspaces with running chromium browsers are disappeared.

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