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My most used mappings

Note: The leader key in my configuration is the , key.

my own

mapping vim command
Escape ,e inoremap <Leader>e <Esc>l
vnoremap <Leader>e <Esc>
nnoremap <Leader>e <Esc>
cnoremap <Leader>e <Esc>
Folding <Space> map <Space> za
gb Jump back from previous movements map gb <C-o>
gt Goto tag under word noremap gt g<C-]>
<C-y> Put comment char to start of line/selected lines map <C-y> :s/^/#<CR>
<C-x> Remove comment char from start of line/selected lines map <C-x> :s/#<CR>
,O Insert line above cursor map <Leader>o O<Esc>
,o Insert line below cursor map <Leader>O o<Esc>
<Tab> Indent line/selection map <Tab> >>
:vmap <Tab> >
<S-Tab> Outdent line/selection map <S-Tab> <<
vmap <S-Tab> <
,y Copy marked text into X clipboard map <silent> <Leader>y "xy:call system('xsel -i -b', @x)<CR>
Paste text from X clipboard map <silent> <Leader>p :let @x=system('xsel -b')<CR>p
map <silent> <Leader>P :let @x=system('xsel -b')<CR>P
by vim
<command>a<object> <command> a object ('a'!) with leading or trailing whitespace(s) :help text-object
<command>i<object> <command> only the object ('i'nner!) without any leading or trailing whitespace(s) <command>
d Delete
c Change
v Select

w Word
( Parenthesis
[ Squared bracket
{ Curly bracket
" Double quote
' Single quote

Search and replace

Wikia > vim search and replace

Note: As of Vim 7.3, substitutions applied to a range defined by marks or a visual selection (which uses a special type of marks '< and '>) are not bounded by the column position of the marks by default. Instead, Vim applies the substitution to the entire line on which each mark appears unless the \%V atom is used in the pattern like: :'<,'>s/\%Vfoo/bar/g.

Entering special characters

By decimal value ^V nnn 000 <= nnn <= 255
By octal value ^V O nnn or ^Vonnn 000 <= nnn <= 377
By hex value ^V X nn or ^V x nn 00 <= nn <= FF
By hex value for BMP Unicode codepoints ^V u nnnn 0000 <= nnnn <= FFFF
By hex value for any Unicode codepoint ^V U nnnnnnnn 00000000 <= nnnnnnnn <= 7FFFFFFF

By example to enter the unicode number for the leftward arrow (2190) within insert mode press CTRL-V then u (release CTRL!) and 2190. Voila: ←

X clipboard in a X-less vim

By using vim without the +xterm_clipboard option such it is in the Debian vim-package these mappings will doing the job:

Copy text from vim into the X clipboard via <Leader>y:

map <silent> <Leader>y "xy:call system('xsel -i -b', @x)<CR>

Paste text from X clipboard into vim via <Leader>p|P:

map <silent> <Leader>p :let @x=system('xsel -b')<CR>p
map <silent> <Leader>P :let @x=system('xsel -b')<CR>P

Be sure you have installed the xsel package!

The fakeclip plugin provides a pseudo-clipboard within X and even GNU screen with much more mappings as above such as d, dd, D, yy ....


Indenting Python with VIM

python.vim for indentation

indent/python.vim : An alternative indentation script for python

~/.vim/indent/python.vim (needed for correct indentation of multiple lines inner [] and {}...)

Works only for max 50 lines per default, set maxoff higher, e.g. for 150 lines

let s:maxoff = 150

if indentation with the default value fails, e.g. long lists for test cases.

This solution was found here: VIM python filetype specific indent fails after 50 lines of one list


see indentLine below


Save & restore view of file

To save the current cursor position and/or state of folds (see the :mkview documentation for a full description) put this in your ~/.vimrc:

au BufWinLeave * silent! mkview
au BufWinEnter * silent! loadview

Without giving a specific name for the view it will be saved into ~/.vim/view directory by default.


Check for version or specific feature

vim scripting, if vim version is < 7.3

"vim version 7.3 = 703!!
if v:version >= 703
   do things for versions equal or greater 7.3

Equivalent to above...

if version >= 703
"is relativenumber feature available
if exists('+relativenumber')
    do things which needs the relativenumber feature

Check for filename

function! GetFilename()
    let file_name = bufname("%")
    if !empty(file_name)
        echo file_name
        echo "no filename"




an auto-completion plugin, don't tested


~/.vim/autoload/pythoncomplete.vim (don't use any more)
pythoncomplete : Python Omni Completion



jpythonfold.vim : A better python fold script


No-BS Python code folding for Vim

My favourite cause it folds docstrings!

Syntax checkers


pyflakes.vim : PyFlakes on-the-fly Python code checking

Checks on the fly and highlights not only the line but the exact position of an error occurence too.



How to jump/display the column of an error
how to make syntastic show current line errors in insert mode in vim?


python.vim for syntax highlighting

python.vim : Enhanced version of the python syntax highlighting script




This plugin is used for displaying thin vertical lines at each indentation level for code indented with spaces.



The NERD tree : A tree explorer plugin for navigating the filesystem


tagsbrowser (really needed?)


I resistet using this plugin a long time. But what should I do? It's quite easy!


~/.vim/plugin/CSApprox.vim (don't use any more)
CSApprox : Make gvim-only colorschemes work transparently in terminal vim


Version Control System like mercurial integration for vim.


~/.vim/ftplugin/python/pydoc.vim (don't use any more)
pydoc.vim : Python documentation view- and search-tool (uses pydoc)

vim & python

Python and vim: Make your own IDE
Python Doc

Debian packages


This package contains a vim version compiled with a rather standard set of features. This package does not provide a GUI version and has no support for common languages like Lua, Perl or Python.


This package provides a vim version which is compiled with Lua, Perl, Python, Ruby and Tcl support but without a GUI

# apt-get install vim-nox


Same as vim-nox but with GTK2 GUI (gvim)

Note: Using vim-gtk causes problems with redrawing while scrolling up. Don't know why... Use vim-gnome instead.

# apt-get install vim-gtk


Same as vim-nox but with GNOME2 GUI (gvim)

# apt-get install vim-gnome
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